Trail Code

Pou Herenga Tai - Twin Coast Cycle Trail Code

Keep to the left, pass on the right

Cyclists give way to walkers

Take your rubbish with you

Protect plants, animals, streams and lakes

Dogs are prohibited from the following sections:

  1. Between the Macadamia Orchard (Horeke Rd) through to Harrison and Mangataraire Roads.  This is a 12.5km section of trail;
  2. There are a number parcels of land adjacent to Horeke Road managed under the Utakura No. 7 Inc. which prohibit dogs and horses;
  3. The section of cycle trail which comes off Ngapipito Road and navigates to the suspension bridges also prohibits dogs.  Some local pig hunters had been accessing this area of the trail and then jumping into adjacent farms to hunt.

Apart from those sections listed above, dogs must be on a lead at all times.

Horses are not permitted without a Council consent

Cyclists must wear a cycle helmet

Be careful of vehicles at road crossings

Keep to the trail and don’t trespass on private land

Keep to the trail and do not cycle on the railway line

Try not to disturb animals grazing on or near the trail

No motorbikes or vehicles are allowed

Light no fires

Take no firearms

Advise others where you’re going

Report all hazards to Far North District Council on freephone 0800 920029

Important - Don’t forget to lock your bike!