Sample Itineraries

Here are some ideas of itineraries you could have on your time on the Pou Herenga Tai - Twin Coast Cycle Trail, you can chose from many options along the trail for overnight stays as well as activities close to the trail – you can do the trail in sections – all in one go, or over 2/3 or 4 days! It really is easy to do it as you want! Total trail distance is 87km.

Day 1 - Kaikohe to Opua 45 km

Day 2 - Kaikohe to Horeke 42km READ MORE

Day 1 - Opua to Kaikohe 45 km or Opua to Okaihau 59 km

Day 2 – Kaikohe to Horeke 44 km or Okaihau to Horeke 28 km READ MORE

Day 1 – Horeke to Kaikohe 44 km or Horeke to Okaihau 28 km

Day 2 – Kaikohe to Opua 45 km or Okaihau to Opua 58 km READ MORE

Many More Choices

These are only 3 options – there is plenty to do in the area and you can easily add on overnight stays and spend longer enjoying the trail – there is plenty of accommodation and activities in the surrounding areas!

Timing wise – this is something that can be enjoyed all year round! On occasion you may get a little wet!

Bookings! If you want to book something along these lines contact