Kaikohe is on the slopes of a prominent volcanic cone and surrounded by many former pa (fortified village) sites.  It is Northland’s largest inland town and mainly services the mid-north’s farming, horticulture and forestry industries.

Steeped in Maori history, Kaikohe owes its pioneering growth to the kauri gum trade. The town boasts the largest grass airfield in the southern hemisphere.

The Kaikohe district endured several conflicts during the 19th century land wars. The famous chief Hone Heke (1807 - 1850) settled in Kaikohe at the end of the land wars and died here in 1850. The first Maori Member of Parliament was his nephew who was named after him. A tribute to Hone Heke is located at Monument Hill close to the Taheke Road entranceway to the Trail.

The countryside is mainly undulating plain with volcanic soils, but on the western edge of town, Kaikohe rises 327m above sea level, offering views of the imposing sand dunes on the Hokianga Harbour and south toward Mount Hikurangi (632m).

Six kilometres to the East of Kaikohe is the small village of Ngawha Springs, where you will find geothermal hot springs to relax in.

The Pioneer Heritage Village is in the centre of Kaikohe. A great place to stop and explore when you go to Kaikohe. The Pioneer Village is part of an evolving, dynamic museum that tells the story of the whole community, from the days of first contact between Māori and European, to our more recent shared history. It is a 19th century Northland community recreated with all its colourful atmosphere, history and detail. Be sure to visit the glasshouse which features one of the best displays of begonia in New Zealand. Just 200m off the trail in Kaikohe along with its treasures and it also offers complimentary tea, coffee and water to thirsty cyclists.

Kaikohe speedway was the home of the film “Kaikohe demolition derby” which featured in the 2004 documentary filmed by Florian Habicht, presenting the drivers of the car wreck race, their humour and their camaraderie. www.kaikohecarclub.com/

Surrounding Area includes

Okaihau is just up the road and has accommodation