The Twin Coast Cycle Trail - Pou Herenga Tai

Duration - 2 days

Grade - 1 - 3

Distance - 87km

Highest point - 320m - Kaikohe Hill

The 4 sections

Opua to Kawakawa - 11km, grade 1

Kawakawa to Kaikohe -34km, Grade - 1 - 2

Kaikohe to Okaihau - 14km, Grade - 1 - 2

Okaihau to Horeke - 28km, Grade - 2 - 3

Trail Details

The Twin Coast Cycle Trail - Pou Herenga Tai travels from the famously beautiful Bay of Islands to the remote and picturesque Hokianga Harbour, or vice versa. Due to its sub-tropical climate - it can be ridden all year round - hence the name “winterless north”.

The trail is 87 km and is divided into four sections and can be ridden in either direction. The central point is Kaikoke and from there the trail descends to the East and the West coasts. This trail goes through diverse and stunning scenery with spectacular views, but it also takes you on a fascinating journey through some of New Zealand’s earliest Maori and European settlements. Story boards along the way bring to life the history and stories of the local people. Visit the Far North to discover the birthplace of the nation.

Cyclists have the choice of staying in Kaikohe or Okaihau as central points and cycle to each coast. From each end a return shuttle can be organised. Others prefer to cycle the full length of the trail starting from Opua and finishing in Horeke. Some cycle both ways. There are those that spread the sections over a few days whilst on holiday in the north.

The bike ride is suitable for most riders as it is generally flat with gentle climbs - most of it being grade 1 and 2, with the Okaihau to Horeke section a grade 2-3. The surface is fairly good and can be ridden all year round, the surface may be a bit rougher if there has been a flooding event. Please report these via the website so contractors can be engaged to maintain the cycle trail. You will find most of the trail is off road, and you can cycle two abreast. There is some on road cycling but these are quiet country roads.

"With an open mind and an open heart, you can learn more about New Zealand's culture and heritage by biking the Twin Coast Cycle Trail than any other trail in the country."  (Jonathan Kennett, Cycling Guru)

Twin Coast Cycle Trail Code

Keep to the left, pass on the right

Cyclists give way to walkers

Take your rubbish with you

Protect plants, animals, streams and lakes

Dogs must be on a lead at all times

Horses are not permitted without a Council consent

Cyclists must wear a cycle helmet

Be careful of vehicles at road crossings

Keep to the trail and don’t trespass on private land

Keep to the trail and do not cycle on the railway line

Try not to disturb animals grazing on or near the trail

No motorbikes or vehicles are allowed

Light no fires

Take no firearms

Advise others where you’re going

Report all hazards to Far North District Council on freephone 0800 920029