FAQs and Advice

Twin Coast Cycle Trail
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FAQs and Advice

How long does it take to ride the trails?

The Kaikohe – Okaihau section is an hour and a half ride, maybe three hours if you are walking. The Otiria – Kawakawa section only takes about one hour at a leisurely pace by bike. There’s plenty to stop and enjoy along the way so always allow plenty of time. There is accommodation available nearby and places to visit not far from the trails. Cyclists should plan on cycling between 10-12 kilometres per hour as the surface is slightly rougher than a sealed highway. On foot, 4-6 kilometres in an hour is a comfortable walking pace.

What hours are the trails open?

The trail is open from sunrise to sunset.

What’s the weather like in Northland?

Northland enjoys a subtropical climate and the trail should be open throughout the seasons. There is no definite winter or summer and this makes it a wonderful place to explore and experience any time of the year. Temperatures can range from 24°C – 14°C (75°F – 57°F)

How hard are the rides?

The terrain ranges from flat to gentle and undulating and are suitable for all the family. Some sections may be slightly more challenging with uphill gradients.

What should I take?

The day can change from warm to chilly, cold to scorching hot, so take clothing to cope with the changes.
Take bottled water for your trip. You can replenish supplies at the businesses and towns along the way.
Pack some energy food or a picnic to enjoy.

Is there mobile phone coverage on the trail?

Mobile phone coverage is limited throughout the length of the cycle trail.

Are there toilets along the way?

There are no public toilets on the trail between Kaikohe and Okaihau. Public toilet facilities are located at Okaihau (Two Ponga Park), Kaikohe (Marino Court, Library Square) and at the Opua Marina, and of course you must visit the famous Hundertwasser toilet in Kawakawa. All local cafes have toilets for their patrons.

Where can I get a map?

Download and print a PDF map to take with you. The trail is well signposted so you won’t get lost.

Is the trail suitable for children?

The Twin Coast Cycle Trail is a relatively flat and easy terrain making is a great ride for the whole family.

Can I walk the trail?

The trail is suitable for cyclists, walkers and runners. Enjoy you day out. Take a picnic or stop at one of the local towns for refreshments.

Is there transport to get to and from our vehicle?

Bike operators, accommodation and tour operators will provide pick up and drop off for you and your bikes.

Can I hire bikes and gear?

Tour operators in the area can arrange your bike and gear hire.

What kind of bike is best?

The trails are of smooth gravel. For safety and comfort we recommend mountain bikes. You can hire all the gear you need from operators in the area.

Can I get lost on the trail?

The trail is well signposted and you are never more than 4.5 kilometers from a road or settlement.